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Zeta tires, for the use of various types of vehicles. Suitable for all types of road surfaces and weather as well as making your trip smooth towards the destination.

Produced at a factory facility opened in 2008 with engineering designs from Europe using the latest technology.

All tire sizes have been tested and approved based on EC 1222/2009 (Wet Grip, Rolling Resistance, & External Noise) as prescribed by the European Union. In addition, Zeta tires have also been tested and approved by US, Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and Saudi Arabian standards.

All tires are guaranteed for 1 year UNCONDITIONALLY.

Special profile design has been adopted to increase tyre rigidity and driving comfort, high speed stability and safety.

Pitch pattern designed by CAD reduces the noise generation.

Innovative tread compound provides better all-seasons grip, lower rolling resistance and improved mileage.

Solid center rib designed for high-speed stability.

Four deep grooves ensure fast water disposal and improve the handling on wet snow and dry conditions.

Separated by a narrow groove on shoulder areas ensure low rolling resistance and improved handling when turning.

Directional design with four optimized wide longitudinal grooves ensure water expulsion and precise steering on wet grip.

High stiffness center rib can ensure straight-line performance and extremely improve response and stability when cornering or changing the lane

Modern asymmetric design, outer longitudinal grooves to reduce aquaplaning risk, leading to safety on wet conditions.

Inner inclined grooves to increase lateral grip and reduce noise, leading to outstanding traction & riding comfort.

Improved lateral rigidity at high speed with hight levels of handling.

Modern design and premium high performance tire provides sport trucks, SUVS, and crossovers with superb handling.

Confident all–season performance, consistent wear and smooth, quiet ride.
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